The Shocking Amount of Blessings God Extends to Us

The Shocking Amount of Blessings Extended to Us, Adobe Spark design

The Shocking Amount of Blessings Extended to Us, design by Adobe Spark“Blessings!”

Lately, I’ve formed a word-habit in my online replies. I throw out the word over and over again.

Blessings! Thanks and blessings! I pray blessings over your ministry. Blessings to you and your family! Happy Birthday and blessings! 

See what I mean? I quite overuse the word. But do I realize what’s behind the well wishes? And do I give thanksgiving for my blessings?

Thanksgiving and Blessings

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States. Nothing new. It’s a given when living in America and being familiar with American history.

Yet, the Lord showed me something new as it relates to the holiday. You see..

#Blessings in Christ far outweigh the materialistic things we often give #thanks for. @FridayKaren Click To Tweet

Of course, gratefulness comes easy for family and friends. And who’s not giving thanks these days for health? I pray to never take a healthy body for granted. Or, the physical well-being of my spouse and children.

But there are times we forget, even as believers, and we need reminding. Thanksgiving is more than pilgrims and turkey and pumpkin pie. Even those trips around the Thanksgiving table, sharing what we’re thankful for, lack fullness for every provision from a generous God.

Blessings from a Generous God

How do I know? Because we simply can’t cover every thankful blessing in a moment—perhaps in a lifetime. The Shocking Amount of Blessings God Extends to Us, Adobe Spark layout

For example, take the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church at Ephesus. After he greets the saints who were faithful in Christ (Ephesians 1:1):

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us IN Christ with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 1:3, emphasis mine).

First, Paul calls God “blessed.” We bless Him as our Father who blesses us.

Yet, I find it interesting that we bless God, then go on to state the reason is none other than the fact He has blessed us. And not only blessed, but in Christ, we’re blessed with every spiritual blessing.

If we draw out the forms of the word “bless” to summarize, here’s what it says in a nutshell.

Blessed is #God who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. @FridayKaren Click To Tweet

What a blessing! Seems to me that we receive the grand part of this truth. A truth lending itself to true thanksgiving.

Many Spiritual Blessings 

The letter goes on to remind us of the many spiritual blessings in chapter 1:

  • Chosen by God
  • Loved by God
  • Adopted by the heavenly Father
  • Riches of grace lavished on us
  • Redeemed through Jesus’ bloodThe Shocking Amount of Blessings God Extends to Us, design by Adobe Spark
  • Forgiven of trespasses
  • Spiritual wisdom and revelation
  • Insight to know God’s will
  • Plan and purpose for our life
  • Spiritual inheritance
  • Hope in Christ
  • Truth
  • Peace
  • Gospel of Salvation
  • Sealed with the Holy Spirit
  • Enlightened hearts
  • Greatness of God’s power working in us

Countless Blessings

But Paul’s writings here aren’t exhaustive. When I reflect on “every spiritual blessing,” it reminisces of more:

  • Mercy
  • Faith
  • Steadfastness
  • Prayer
  • God’s long-suffering toward me
  • God’s acts of providence in my life
  • Comfort during troubled times
  • The Lord’s voice leading me
  • Second, third, fourth, and countless chances for messing up
  • Spiritual discipline (not pleasant, but yields a great reward)
  • Relationship with the Creator
  • Strength for times of waiting
  • Healing for physical ailments and a wounded heart
  • The privilege to minister in Jesus’ name
  • Ability to overcome the world
  • God’s glory seen in me and my callings

There’s more, so much more! Oh, the indescribable and vast thanksgiving to God from whom all The Shocking Amount of Blessings God Extends to Us, Adobe Sparkblessings do flow—straight into our laps and lives.

Let’s use every day on the calendar to focus on every spiritual blessing given in Christ. And truly be a people of God who calls Him, Blessed, meaning it and living it out in our daily lives.

All Scripture and reference taken from Bible Gateway in the ESV.

Featured image, table and decor pictures are from our family’s Thanksgiving. Final two pictures and all image designs by Adobe Spark. 

Karen Friday

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