Mud Pi


Thrill my eyes with mud fresh path, tree fallen, daffodil known to slug banana and branch light golden. Spear my ears with surf pound, new creek gargle and cormorant squawk. Let my feet find mint folds and flat beach when the rocks spill. Lungs suck spray gulls play shadow wheels between fish gulps. My desk abandoned, phone face dark, nearer

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Even When

even when

“There is nothing you could say or do that would make me love you any less,” are the words often spoken from this mother to her children. Even when they rebuttal with “But Mom, what if…” There are many what if’s in this life. There is only one child with that name, heart, and curiosity as this. However, it takes

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Conflict Resolution. When to stand firm and when to step aside.

family conflict

I hate conflict. I always have. Whenever tension enters a situation, I squirm. I’m not sure why I have that reaction since I didn’t grow up in an argumentative home. I can probably blame being a perfectionistic people-pleasing first-born. For years my children watched me “stuff.” Any time there was conflict between their dad and me, I’d compromise: stuff my emotions

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Boy Scout

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Impatient for vistas and blooms, we direct ant prayers to a trail of crumbs, and miss the peace of cake walking. ‘Lean not’ is hiking code for stand under the water fall and cast your fate, upstream, to the winding Source. Rock sure; thrall the cliff, and with a rose between your teeth, dive, for pearls. There is no rush

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Prayer for Family and Friends

It happens every year at this time. May approaches with graduations, weddings, and end-of-the-school-year activities and events. Life sure can get busy. Sometimes it is impossible to attend all the special days of those we love. But families have close ties. And those ties begin when we are growing up. We learn family expectations. We practice family traditions. Our hearts are tied

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