From Lost to New Life: The Tale of a Traffic Circle Boot



It all started with a lost workmen’s boot stranded on its side by our new traffic circle.

The poor, lost boot littered the road until a gracious rescuer happened by. The boot’s hero stood it up on the triangular curb beside the traffic circle and filled it with flowers and new life.

Our mystery do-gooder transformed the boot into a work of art. And started a hilarious tradition.

About a week after the first flower-bedecked boot stood proud on our traffic circle, another appeared in its place with a new, thematic decoration.

Now, about once a week someone places a different boot or shoe on the curb. Each new creation highlights an upcoming event or simply gives us all a good laugh.

FROM LOST TO NEW LIFE: THE TALE OF A TRAFFIC CIRCLE BOOT via www.InspireAFire.comOn August 17, 2017, my friend Beth snuck out to the circle with her own clever display.

Beth featured a duck rain boot filled with white flowers and a yellow plastic sun. She properly prepared the boot for safe viewing of the August 21st solar eclipse by decking the sun out with a pair of certified solar eclipse glasses.

On August 22nd — the first day of school — another mystery boot stylist struck with a child’s flower-filled, rain boot wearing a miniature book bag.

These silly antics are insignificant in the overall scheme of what matters most in life. But they bring a lot of joy — and wonder — to everyone who drives around our little circle simply by taking what once was lost and giving it new life.

New Life

I started life like that first boot. We all do.

Hopefully, we’re not literally lost on the side of a road, but we’re all born lost in sin.

We have no chance of getting rid of it ourselves. And it wreaks havoc.

Not only does it come with a stiff penalty — death — it costs us much in life, too. It can take even the most beautiful and strongest of us and leave us beaten and battered. Utterly lost.

By grace through faith, Christ lifts us up out of our lostness. He sets us up and creates trophies of grace out of us, whether we’re a steel-toed work boot or a 4-inch stiletto.

I see myself more as a pair of flip-flops or dancing shoes. But even if I were a worn out, mud-covered hiking boot, in Christ, I’m a work of art — a new creation.

What type of shoe or boot do you see yourself as?

And if you haven’t trusted in Christ yet, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to let Him lift you up and transform you into His masterpiece.

He brings more joy than even our quirky, beloved traffic circle boot.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
– 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

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Jean Wilund

Jean Wilund is a Bible teacher, speaker, and award-winning writer, passionate about coffee, comedy, and Christ. (Not necessarily in that order.) She blogs at to encourage people to fall more in love with God and His Word and laugh while doing it. She’s written for Focus on the Family magazines, Reach Out Columbia, and other publications whenever they let her. She lives in Lexington, SC with her dashing husband. Their perfect children live scattered across the country.

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    1. Thanks, Karen. I’m so glad you liked it. We’ve had a great time with the traffic circle boot. Always wondering what will be next.🙂

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