Father’s Day is about more than just “fathers”

I love my dad. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, but he truly is a great father. However, this Father’s Day post is NOT about my father. It’s about the man who stood in his place when he couldn’t be around.

My Grandfather.

My Bud.

The man who taught me to swing until my feet could touch the tips of the trees.

The man who had a pool noodle sword fight with me in the Dollar Tree when I was twenty-years-old (and he was 77!).

The man who loves me because he wants to, not because he has to.

His name is Walter Jake Jasper, but you can call him Shakey Jakey.

To some, he doesn’t seem like the smartest, nicest, most able-bodied person in the world, but let me tell you something about that man. He never fails to put a smile on my face (even when he’s asked me to repeat the same sentence five times as he listens to the TV on level 59).

So, what’s the point of this post? The point is to remind you that Father’s Day is about more than just biological fathers. It’s about the grandfathers, uncles, adopted fathers, and those men who acted as fathers in your life. It is even for the mothers who had to be fathers at the same time.

On this day, when you’re buying cards and gifts for the man listed as “father” on your birth certificate, don’t forget those other incredible men in your life.

And a message to men: there are people in your lives who don’t have a father around. Boys and girls who are growing up with a single parent or no parents at all. No, it’s not your “responsibility” but does your heart have enough available space for one of those girls or boys? Show them some love today and every day. Step in and be the father figure they need.

I used to think I didn’t need a father.

I was wrong.

Everyone needs a father. A grandfather. A man in their lives to teach them about life, love, and faith.

Could you be that person? Stop thinking about it. Do it. Be it.

Happy Father’s Day.

Jenni Beaver

Jenni Beaver is the owner of Positive Note Network (positivenotenetwork.com). When she's not working or writing, Jenni enjoys watching classic movies, spending time with her two dogs and two cats, traveling, and just enjoying life.

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  1. I love this, Jenni! Enjoyed hearing about fun moments with your grandfather. And you are so right. Father’s Day is much more than we think. Thanks for reminding us to celebrate all kinds of fathers and father-figures, and the challenge to make room in hearts for boys and girls. Blessings!

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