A Different Kind of Mother’s Day Prayer

Mother's Day Roses

A different kind of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is different for us all, wouldn’t you agree?

Many celebrate with special lunches and gifts wrapped in pink sheer ribbon, while many are left wondering who to celebrate or what to celebrate if the journey was difficult. And then there are those who have lost their mothers or a child, leaving a gaping hole that celebration once filled.

I believe this poem by Michelle Van Loon represents the hearts of many on Mother’s Day:

To all those celebrating a different kind of Mother’s Day today…

For those who are sorrowing, raw and tender this week, we pray:
…for those who’ve suffered the loss of their mothers through death; Lord, please bring them your comfort
…for those estranged from their mothers through family division, mental illness or strife; Lord, please salve their wounds and bring your healing
 …for those who are losing their mothers by degrees through disease; Lord, please measure extra grace to parent and child alike as the roles reverse
…for those who never knew their mothers; Lord, please reveal yourself to them at every point of abandonment, longing and need as El Shaddai
…for those who have lost a child; Lord, please have mercy on them as they daily bear this searing pain
 …for those who are riding the roller-coaster of infertility; Lord, please revive their hope and bless them with new life
…for those who ache to become mothers, but find themselves without a mate again this year; Lord, please draw near to them, and help them draw near to you as they wait and hope
…for those whose children have chosen a prodigal path; Lord, please grace these parents to wait together with you for their children’s return home
…for those whose children are living, working and serving in distant lands; Lord, please keep them safe, and keep our hearts at peace
…for those who have a full and happy family life; Lord, thank you for this witness, and give them  an extra chair at their table waiting for the lonely to fill it
…for those who, in their pain, have felt abandoned and undefended by you; Lord, please comfort them…and let them recognize that you are near at all times
In the name of the Father of the fatherless, the Bridegroom of the widow, and the Companion of the lonely, I pray. Amen.
Is there a particular line that resonated with you today?
Do you know someone who would receive inspiration, encouragement, or hope from Michelle’s poem? Please share it.

Cathy Baker

Cathy Baker is an award-winning writer who delights in observing God at work in the nuances of life. She is the author of Pauses for the Vacationing Soul: A Sensory-Based Devotion Guide for the Beach. Her work has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Upper Room, Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family, etc. Her award-winning poetry has appeared in two anthologies. She is also a regular contributor to Inspire A Fire, Just 18 Summers, and A-3, as well as a member of Cross N Pens. With four grandchildren and a godly mustached-laden husband, she considers life to be quite the adventure. Visit Cathy at http://www.cathybaker.org

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  1. The poem shared here is the most brilliantly inclusive, touching piece I have seen, in recognition of this awesome day, Mother’s Day. Thank you for sharing it.

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